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MileStone Research Publications Press, Provides an opportunity to draft, cordinate and align, materials on engineering, management and science to frame a "Text Book".

MileStone Research JOURNALS

MileStone Research host two technology and management journals, International Journal of Computational Learning and Intelligence (IJCLI) and International Journal of Human Computations and Intelligence.

About MileStone Research Foundation

Framed under a motto to provide an out-reach rearch comunity with link minded subject experts, academicians, resarchers and innovators. The concil of members at MRF are bound to operate and provide high-quality of service and relevance to social benefit.

MileStone Research Publications Press

A Venture to provide reliable solutions in Textbooks and Monologs drafting, editing, proofreading and publishing. The MileStone Research Publication Press customizable pricing and royalty for authors.

MileStone Research Journals

Research Journals at MileStone Foundation provides a wide range of publication assistance in engineering, medicine, management and technological enhancements. MileStone's Research Journal, IJCLI and IJHCI are indexed in GoogleScholar, Crossref and other international abstract indexing sites.

MileStone Information & Technologies

MileStone Information and Technologies, provide rapid and reliable solutions and consultations on modern technologies, fabrication and resource requirement mapping.

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